Monday, October 10, 2011

Sad Catholic 101 - the last post

Sad Catholic 101, the blog, was started in May, 2009 nearly two and a half years ago after I had had a particularly challenging experience with the Roman Catholic Church.

Suffice to say that the inexperience, lack of self-awareness and egoism on the part of some priests in leadership positions within some church hierarchies caused a lot of the problems and this was confirmed for me by other, more balanced priests and religious who had the wisdom and experience to know what they were seeing. The profound disappointment of seeing an ineffectual diocesan Bishop with some serious mental health issues, charged with criminal offences was, for me, the final straw.

My goal in starting this blog was to try to present some sort of balanced reportage on the events transpiring within the Roman Catholic Church, to focus on the faithful priests, religious and others who give their life to the Church and, at the same time, to present the seedier side of the Church in which the men-in-red care little for the average cleric or the average Catholic for that matter.

I realize now that I no longer care what happens within the Roman Catholic Church. I described myself for the last couple of years as a non-practising Catholic; now I simply describe myself as a Christian.

The Catholic part of me has shrivelled up and died a lingering death. At times, I have thought about trying to get back in “the fold”, but frankly, I’m no longer interested and it would have no meaning for me. I am an indifferent former cradle catholic who no longer desires to be part of the Roman Catholic Church that so long ago lost its way in the jungle of rules and rituals that mean so little to so many.   Especially now to me.

I wish you peace on your journey.

(I’ll leave this blogsite in place for awhile in case there are some articles you would like to copy for your own files.)

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ViewPoint2010 said...

Sorry to hear that you're closing the blog. Like you, I've felt an estrangement from the church and have enjoyed reading the articles you've posted here and espcially the links you provided. Good luck in whatever you do.